New Apple Watch 2 Will Appear Alongside iPhone 7 family

New Apple Watch 2 Will Appear Alongside iPhone 7 family

It seems that Apple fans will have something else to wait for, except for the upcoming iPhone 7 family. According to the latest rumor, new Apple Watch 2 will appear alongside iPhone 7 family smartphone models.




iPhone 7 has  a potential announcement date of September 16. According to rumors, Apple’s 2nd wearable version will be announced at the same event. The wearable will be running the company’s customized OS 3, which brings new features in order to become simpler and more user friendly.



Most exciting news is that Apple will get rid of the Battery issues of the previous version. This could be made possible thanks to the incorporation of MicroLEDs. This new Led  technology is going to be far more efficient than the traditional LCD displays that Apple has been using its mobile devices. Installing  MicroLED displays inside a wearable will be quite expensive, but there are advantages. Most significant of them are vivid colors, higher refresh rates and lower power consumption.

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